14 May 2009

Assignment: Indy 500!

OK so I've been hinting and holding back on all my facebook friends what's been in the works just since last Saturday.

Well here's the scoop — I'm going to the Indy 500.

And not just going as a spectator, but flying there on assignment by a national aviation publication along with Jeff and Bruce, two associates from my flight school — TailWind Aviation.

Our assignment: interview several Indy car drivers who also happen to fly/own airplanes with the purpose of exploring the connection between flying and driving race cars. We'll be gathering video, still images, and material for written articles as well as website content.

The way it stands now, Jeff's the interviewer and I'm the camera guy. Media credentials are already in place and interviews are lined up with two drivers at this point, planning to add one or two more once we arrive.

A very cool personal aspect of this is that my cousin John has worked on numerous pit crews over the years, and he will be taking us around and introducing us to his favorite crews, drivers, and owners. He's a personable guy and very well-known on the racing circuit so I'm sure we'll be meeting plenty of folks.

In a most fortuitous convergence of interests, Mooney Aircraft will be providing the plane for the trip. Their national sales director will be accompanying us and of course he's a pilot so I'm eagerly looking forward to logging some valuable flight hours with him.

Bruce's brother owns a Mooney and prior to departing I'll get checked out in it so I can be PIC for at least some portion of the trip.

I am so thankful for such an exciting opportunity to experience an event of this magnitude . . . to meet and interact with some of those immersed in it . . . and get to fly too!

Just doesn't get much better!

Stay tuned for blog posts and facebook updates throughout the trip . . .

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A Mama's Blog (Heather) said...

Yay! How cool. I am so excited for you, and will be looking for your updates. Enjoy! :-)