22 April 2009

Getting To The Point

Just a short little post today.

So I've been studying for two FAA written exams, the Instrument Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor, and you know how sometimes you work and work to learn or prepare for something and at some point you think, well, I just gotta do this NOW.

I am just about at that point with these writtens

. . . and I won't repeat the crude expression that describes this state of affairs but it's something about . . . or get off the pot. You get the picture.

Passed the first exam in the series a few months back, and I'm sure I'll do just fine because these two cover the exact same material. Finances (or lack thereof) were the reason I chose to put them off, and now that that situation has improved it's time to continue moving forward.

Always moving forward when possible.

Passing these two writtens will give me the credentials to get the Instrument Ground Instructor rating and then I'll be able to start earning some income working with students in our simulator at TailWind Aviation.

Working in the sim is by far the way to go for instrument training because most of what you do in the airplane - instrument procedures - can be done very realistically in the sim, and there is an almost exact knowledge transfer to the airplane.

Sim time is much less costly than the airplane is, and the added advantage is that if there's ever a question or problem you can put the sim on "hold" and work through it.

Can't do that in the airplane.

Anyways, another day or so of review oughta do it.

Till next time . . .

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