01 December 2009

A Li'l Ole Film Clip by Harrison Ford

In support of AOPA's ongoing efforts to promote flying and flight training, here are two links that I think are timely and appropriate:

This first one is a pretty cool clip featuring Harrison Ford done by Studio Wings, an awesome group of aerial production specialists.

Here is the AOPA Let's Go Flying! website:

In my last post I mentioned that I was traveling to the Indy 500 on assignment. Well now that the piece has been published I am able to freely talk about it. I'll just sum it up by saying it was one of the most incredibly fun and exciting experiences I have ever had!

It was a TOTAL GAS!

Oh, and the race was fun too.

I can now say that PilotMag was the publication for whom we traveled on assignment.

You can read the article Auto Pilots written by my friend Jeff Mattoon, with photos by yours truly and some by Jeff. Subscribe to PilotMag and you'll get a whole lot of adventure flying stories with every issue.

Be sure to also read Jeff's writeup of OUR story, Flying the Acclaim to Indy

I'll tell my side of the story here soon, promise. Things have been cruising along for me in my web and print business but I will make time to write.

I am still working on the Indy photos, which means shrinking them to use on the web. This is a bit more work than you might think: I took nearly 500 shots in the six day trip, so it's been a chore to go through and pick the ones I like best.

Ya'll come back now heah... soon!

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