30 November 2007

Instructor Training

Recently I began training as a flight instructor. On the 17th of November I passed the first written test known as the FOI, or Fundamentals of Instruction. This is the first next step in my flying adventure, and I can hardly wait till I actually get to train someone.

Wanna be the first? Let me know!

As I mentioned previously, I am working with a new flight school, TailWind Aviation. We are located at Centennial Airport (KAPA) and also fly out of Front Range (KFTG) and Erie Municipal (KEIK). I will detail more of our operation in this space in the future.

For the present I will be flying mainly the light sport airplanes, or LSAs. Last weekend I got to fly the Gobosh G700 out of Erie Municipal. What a kick! Weighing in at only 800 lbs with max takeoff weight of 1300 lbs, its 100hp Rotax engine makes it fairly jump off the runway. It's got plenty of power and performance, even here at 5,000 ft MSL.

Has a control stick rather than a yoke, and a plexi bubble canopy with a 360 degree view. It's so much fun I can hardly wait to fly it again.

Well, back to studying for the CFI written test.

Then looking for my first student pilot . . .

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