16 September 2007

New Digs Soon

I've recently gotten involved with a new flight school, which is my sorry excuse for not having written anything in a while. I know, I know . . . I said I'd be writing more and then I don't write for three months . . .

In the interim, I've flown about a half dozen times - now right at 100 hours total time. Did a sight-seeing trip I donated to my kids' school, and which was bid on and won by a gentleman who took a good friend up for the ride. We had a great time, as always for me anyways, and he and his buddy will have some good memories of that ride. We flew over Denver and took in some good views of the stadiums - Invesco and Coors fields where the Broncos and Rockies play - unoccupied of course! Then we did a couple circles over his house and so that was pretty cool for them.

Anyways, the new school is at Centennial Airport (APA) just south of Denver. I intend to continue training for instrument, multi, and then flight instructor. When I have spent some time spiffing up the website, I'll post it here.

The philosophy of this school is somewhat different than previous - we will be spending a lot more time in the sim for training, then apply the training in the airplane. It's an approach that seems to make training a bit more concentrated and intense and at the same time, less of a bite on the wallet. A further emphasis is on using the airplane - going somewhere rather than flying circles or rectangles. Not at all being critical of other schools, it just seems to make more sense to learn how to make flying a useful part of one's life.

Oh and I forgot to mention, the plan is that I will be staying on at the school as an instructor when I have completed all my training.

So, stay tuned for updates on the training and other happenings as I move forward.

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Teaching Mommy said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'd love a ride when the weather permits! :-)