31 July 2013

Wingnut changes course... slightly!

To my faithful readers - as you all well know, I am very passionate about flying and aviation.

What I haven't discussed in these pages until now is that I have also been an avid photographer for pretty much my entire life.

For about six years I did weddings and had a lot of fun doing them. I've also done a fair amount of studio portrait work. That was way back when in the days of film photography.

In recent years I have been mostly in a small niche market shooting construction and remodeling timelines; i.e., start-to-finish photos of projects so that the client has a visual record of the progress and completion of the project.

After some serious ruminating about my direction in photography and consideration of my options, I have decided to take the leap into photography as a full-time gig.

Thus I announce that booking of photography services and an extended portfolio are now available at Straka Photography

Bookings are also available via Thumbtack: Mike Straka on Thumbtack

I have been hired via Thumbtack several times now and I think it is a great marketing tactic. I recommend it to all photographers who are just getting started in the business.

Wish me luck with Straka Photography, and please refer me whenever possible.

Thank you very much!

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