18 December 2010

Cops Fighting Cancer

Besides being a website and internet professional, one of the other things I do to pay the bills — and to support my flying jones — is I shoot photos and video.

A few weeks ago, er, ok well some months ago, I helped out filming and shooting stills of cancer patients and their families for the benefit of an incredible support organization in the Denver area, Cops Fighting Cancer.

It is hard to overstate how intense and emotional an experience it was for all present, including us on the film crew. I found it just incredible that the patients and families had the courage to sit in front of the camera and answer questions about their experiences. At times there was hardly a dry eye in the room.

I was totally impressed and amazed at both the sensitivity of the interviewer as well as the heartfelt, articulate, and at times very difficult and emotional responses by the patients and family members. Unless you have experienced a loved one suffering through cancer you simply cannot imagine all the ways it affects your life.

I had a personally poignant perspective because my mom died of cancer at the age of 47 when I was 23. At that time there were no such things as support groups, or even family therapy beyond whatever your religious congregation or friends provided. Which, sad to say, was minimal at best. But then again, nobody knew any better back then.

It is very heartwarming that groups such as CFC now exist to aid and assist cancer patients and their families through the incredible difficulties that they face. CFC in particular is doing some awesome things such as their recent Casino Night and Toy Drive. Check out their activities at Cops Fighting Cancer.

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