09 April 2007

First Flight

OK . . . well, here goes nothing . . .

. . . is what I audibly said to myself as I leaned over and checked the right-side door lock and became aware that the cockpit had a strangely open feel . . . probably because my instructor, who until now had occupied the right seat, was waving to me from about thirty feet away on the ramp waiting for the right moment to snap a photo.

Of me in the airplane.


I was about to fly my first solo.

And that’s how it is with this first installment of Flightblog - not knowing exactly what to expect but excited and confident that with my knowledge and training, all will be well.

And as it turns out, well, I’m still here to talk about it so . . . there ya have it. Not that I expected anything else, that is . . . first solo went great, just a couple times around the pattern at Vance Brand Field (KLMO) in Longmont, CO, and landed without breaking anything - just like in training, smooth as silk. Well, almost.

As I jump into the blogosphere to chronicle my adventures as a newly-minted aviator, I do so with a similar mix of anxiousness and exhilaration as when I first powered down the runway with an empty right seat – not knowing exactly what to expect but confident that at least some of you may enjoy my stories and observations, and perhaps contribute some of your own.

And just as I anticipated my first solo landing, I look forward to sharing my adventures and hearing about yours!

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